Seth M. Rudman: Curriculum Vitae

Current position

Post Doctoral Researcher
2016 – present
Department Biology
University of Pennsylvania
Supervisor: Dr. P. Schmidt

Contact Information
Department of Biology
University of Pennsylvania
102 Leidy Laboratories, 433 S University Ave.,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 19104-6313
Phone: +1 786-832-5871

Table of Contents

  1. Current position
  2. Previous positions
  3. Education
  4. Fellowships & Awards
  5. Teaching Experience
  6. Mentoring Experience
  7. Presentations
  8. Service and Public Outreach
  9. Further Education
  10. Peer-Reviewed Research Publications

Previous positions


ThinkSwiss Fellow
Center for Ecology, Evolution, and Biogeochemistry-EAWAG



PhD in Zoology
University of British Columbia


BSc in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Rochester

Fellowships & Awards

  • University of Pennsylvania Field Biology grant ($1800) | 2017
  • FishEcology symposium talk award, Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science | 2016
  • ThinkSwiss Research Scholarship ($3,500) | 2016
  • Zoology Graduate Student Travel Award, UBC ($400) | 2016
  • NSF International Travel Award, Theo Murphy meeting ($1,500) | 2015
  • Doctoral Four-Year fellowship, UBC ($68,000)| 2012-2016
  • BRITE Graduate Student Fellowship, UBC ($12,000) | 2010-2011
  • De Kewiet Summer Fellowship, University of Rochester ($4,000) | 2009
  • NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates, Organization for Tropical Studies ($3,100) | 2009
  • NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates, Avila University ($4,500) | 2008

  • (Total funding awarded: $98,800)

Teaching Experience

Teaching accolades

  • Nominated (by M. O’Connor) for the University of British Columbia Killam Teaching award | 2015
  • Consistently rated >4.8 /5 in teaching assistant reviews

Teaching assistantships

  • BIOL 465 Diversity and Evolution of Fishes, UBC | 2015
  • BIOL 402 Aquatic Ecology, UBC | 2014
  • FRST 386 Aquatic Ecology, UBC | 2013
  • BIOL 334 Classical Genetics, UBC | 2012
  • BIOL 224 Introduction to Genetics, UBC | 2011
  • BIO 247 Environmental Animal Physiology, University of Rochester | 2009

Invited undergraduate lectures

  • BIOL 495 Biology Senior Seminar, Monmouth University | 2017
  • FRST 386 Aquatic Ecology, UBC | 2016
  • BIOL 465 Diversity and Evolution of Fishes, UBC | 2015
  • BIOL 402 Aquatic Ecology, UBC | 2015
  • FRST 386 Aquatic Ecology, UBC | 2014
  • BIOL 465 Diversity and Evolution of Fishes, UBC | 2013
  • FRST 386 Aquatic Ecology, UBC | 2013

Organization of undergraduate class field work

  • BIOL 465 Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, Vancouver Island, BC, UBC | 2015
  • BIOL 402 Sea-to-Sky alpine lake sampling British Columbia, UBC | 2014 o Created field trip and handled field logistics
  • FRST 386 Musqueam Creek, Vancouver, BC UBC | 2013

Mentoring Experience

  • Undergraduate Co-supervisor In addition to the individuals listed below that chose to pursue independent research I have had 7 undergraduate researchers that have worked with me.

  • Post-graduate research, M. Kinney, “Effects of eutrophication on reproductive isolation in threespine stickleback” | 2015-present

  • Honors Thesis, Q.Q. Qu, “Co-evolution between stickleback and their calanoid copepod prey “ | 2013-2014

  • Undergraduate research J. Heavyside, work together lead to 3 co-authored publications (papers 6,7,11) | 2012-2016

  • Honors Thesis, E. Sit, “Effects of Repeated Adaptive Radiations in Stickleback in Emerging Insect Communities” | 2011-2012


Effects of rapid evolution on communities and ecosystems:

  • University at Buffalo Biology Department (invited talk)| April 2017
  • EcoLunch Seminar Series, University of Pennsylvania (invited talk) | Oct. 2016
  • Genomic Basis of Eco-Evolutionary Change, Ascona, Switzerland (poster) | June 2016
  • Biology Seminar Series, University of Victoria (invited talk) | Feb. 2016
  • Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science, Lucerne, CH (invited talk) | June 2015
  • Joint Aquatic Sciences Conference, Portland, OR (Symposium talk) | May 2014
  • American Society of Naturalists, Pacific Grove, CA (talk) | Jan. 2014
  • Zoology symposium, University of British Columbia (talk) | Apr. 2013
  • Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology, Ottawa, ON (talk) | July 2012
  • Ecology & Evolution Retreat, Brackendale, BC (poster) | Nov. 2011

Trophic cascades in Freshwater Ecosystems:

  • American Society of Naturalists, Pacific Grove, CA (talk) | Jan. 2016
  • Ecology & Evolution Retreat, Brackendale, BC (talk) | Nov. 2015

Genes to Ecosystems: Effects of genetics changes on communities and ecosystems:

  • European Society for Evolutionary Biology, Groningen, NL (talk) | Aug. 2017
  • FishEc symposium, EAWAG, Lucerne, CH (talk) | July 2016
  • Ecology & Evolution Retreat, Brackendale, BC (talk) | Nov. 2014

Service and Public Outreach

Academic service

Expert Peer-Reviewer for:

  • Biology Letters
  • Conservation Biology
  • Copeia
  • Ecology Letters
  • Evolutionary Applications
  • Journal of Animal Ecology
  • Oecologia
  • Oikos
  • Molecular Ecology
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of Biology
  • Trends in Ecology and Evolution

Grant reviewer for:

  • Czech Science Foundation

Volunteer community education

  • As part of the Community Scientist program at Science World Vancouver, I designed an interactive exhibit and answered questions from the public about the effects of eutrophication on aquatic ecosystems | 2013-2015.
  • Field guide for BioBlitz community biodiversity surveys in Whistler, BC and Sunshine Coast, BC | 2013-2014.
  • As a volunteer at the Beaty Biodiversity museum, I talked with the visiting public about ecology, evolution, and biodiversity. I also assisted the staff with questions about rapid evolution and fish ecology | 2011-2013.
  • Presenter for the University of Pennsylvania Biology Department High School Science Day for a seminar on how students can get involved in academic research | 2017.

Further Education

  • Best Practices in Teaching, UBC | Apr. 2015
  • Food Web Theory, UBC (K. McCann) | Mar. 30 -31 2015
  • Stickleback Molecular Genetics Course, Stanford University (D. Kingsley and F. Jones) | July 2012

Peer-Reviewed Research Publications

Published (h-index 6, Google Scholar) :

Peer reviewed

Notice: This list is from 2017 and is not up-to-date. Please see my Google Scholar page for a complete list.

  1. Rudman, S. M., M.A. Barbour, K. Csillery, P. Gienapp, F. Guillaume, N.G. Hairston, A.P. Hendry, J.R. Lasky, M. Rafajlovic, K. Rasanen, P.S. Schmidt, O. Seehausen, N. Therkildson, M.M. Turcotte, and J.M. Levine. 2017. What genomic data can reveal about eco-evolutionary dynamics. Nature Ecology and Evolution. 2: 9-15.

  2. Gibbons, T.C., S.M. Rudman, and P.M. Schulte. 2017. Low temperature and low salinity drive putatively adaptive growth differences in populations of threespine stickleback. Scientific Reports. 7: 16766.

  3. Rudman, S.M., M.A. Kreitzman, K. Chan, and D. Schluter. 2017. Rapid evolution and the provisioning of ecosystem services. Trends in Ecology and Evolution. 32: 403-415.

  4. Rodriguez-Cabal, M.A., M.N. Barrios-Garcia, S.M. Rudman, A.D. McKown, T. Sato, and G.M. Crutsinger. 2017. It’s about time: genetic variation in subsidy phenology drives cascading effects on aquatic ecosystems. Freshwater Biology. 62: 356-365.

  5. Rudman, S.M., J. Heavyside, D.J. Rennison, and D. Schluter. 2016. Piscivore addition causes a trophic cascade within and across ecosystem boundaries. Oikos. 125: 1782-1789.

  6. El-Sabaawi, R.W., M.L. Warbanski, S.M. Rudman, R. Hovel and B.M. Matthews. 2016. Investment in boney defensive traits alters organismal stoichiometry and nutrient cycling in fish. Oecologia. 181: 1209-1220.

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  9. Rudman, S.M., M.A. Rodriguez-Cabal, A. Stier, T. Sato, J. Heavyside^, R.W. El- Sabaawi, and G.M. Crutsinger 2015. Adaptive genetic variation mediates top- down and bottom-up control in an aquatic ecosystem. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Biology. 2015: 1234.

  10. Crutsinger, G.M., S.M. Rudman, M.A. Rodriguez-Cabal, A.D. McKown, T. Sato, A.M. MacDonald, J. Heavyside^, A. Geraldes, E.M. Hart, C.J. LeRoy, and R.W. El- Sabaawi. 2014. Testing a genes-to-ecosystem approach to understanding aquatic- terrestrial linkages. Molecular Ecology. 23: 5888-5903.

  11. Rudman, S.M., R. Powell, and J.S. Parmerlee, Jr. 2009. Ameiva fuscata on Dominica, Lesser Antilles: Natural history and interactions with Anolis oculatus. Herpetological Bulletin. 109: 17-24.

  12. Daniells, E.A., J.W. Ackley, R.E. Carter, P.J. Muelleman, S.M. Rudman, P.A. Turk, N.J. Velez-Espinet, L.A. White, and N.N. Wyszynski (2008). An annotated checklist of the amphibians and reptiles of Dominica. Iguana, 15: 130-141.

Other publications

  1. Rudman, S.M., M. Kreitzman, K. Chan and D. Schluter. 2017. Contemporary Evoystem Services: A reply to Faith et al. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 32: 719-720.

  2. Rudman, S.M., R. Powell, and J.S. Parmerlee, Jr. 2009. Ameiva fuscata (Dominican Ground Lizard). Arboreal activity and diet. Herpetological Review. 40: 219.

  3. Geneva, A. J., J. Ng, D. Scantlebury, A. Ossip-Klein, S. Rudman, A. Kelly, C. Reinhardt, and R. E. Glor (2010) Natural history of West Indian amphibians and reptiles [book review]. Herpetological Review 41:249-250.

  4. Rudman, S.M. and R. Powell. 2009. Typhlops dominicanus. Cat. of American Amphibians and Reptiles (879):1-4.

In review or revision

  1. Gygax, M.^, A.K. Rentsch^, S.M. Rudman, and D.J. Rennison. Predation alters cryptic pigmentation in Threespine Stickleback. (In review at Journal of Evolutionary Biology) ^ Undergraduate co-authors

  2. Harmon, L.J, C.S. Andreazzi, F. Debarre, J. Drury, A.B. Martins, C.J. Melian, A. Narwani, S.L. Nuismer, M.W. Pennell, S.M. Rudman, O. Seehausen, D. Silvestro, M. Weber, and B. Matthews. Detecting the macroevolutionary signal of species interactions. (In review at Ecology Letters)

  3. Rennison, D.J, S.M. Rudman, and D.S. Schluter. Experimental test of evolutionary divergence in a species interaction network. (In review at Science)

In final stages of preparation (available upon request)

  1. Rudman, S.M., D.J. Rennison, and D.S. Schluter. Repeated ecological speciation is associated with parallel shifts in gut microbial function.

  2. Rudman, S.M., M. Barbour, J. Heavyside, and D.S. Schluter. Ecological speciation governs prey community biomass and stability.

  3. Rudman, S. M., S. Rajpurohit, S. Greenblum, M.M. Turcotte, D. Petrov, J.M. Levine, and P.S. Schmidt. Rapid evolution dictates population dynamics and drives evolutionary rescue in Drosophila melanogaster.